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Name: Margot
Nickname/s: Mars, Margie, Esmargo 
ID: #162 - Jorunna Parva
Owner: TheHumanHeart
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 42cm
Species: Jorunna Parva
Type: Common
Bag type: Bag
Mutations: None

LVL: 1
Magic path: --
Weapon of choice: --
proficiency: ✖

City of origin: Lupinus
Political status: Commoner

Personality: Sea slugs are known for their cuteness, and yet others are unaware of its deadly toxins. Just like the Sea Bunny Slug, Margo is sweet to those who need her help or are around her at the moment, but heavy emotions burden the bean causing her to be guarded and reserved. Due to her ex-soulmate suddenly disappearing one day, Margo is super defensive of her own emotions, a reason why beans never know of the emotional pain she goes through each and ever single day as life's troubles build up within her. 

Creation information: Original custom
Desginer: @/griffsnuff 
Former owners:  



HP: 10
ST: 17
Attack: Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff
Speed: Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff 
Stealth: Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff 
Defense: Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff





Pea by griffsnuff 

0 Peas = Peasant
100 Peas = Commoner
300 Peas = Baron
500 Peas = Duke/dutchess
1000+ Peas = Royal


Event bean by griffsnuff X 02 | Tamer bean by griffsnuff X 00| Treasure bean by griffsnuffX 00|
Prompt bean by griffsnuff X 03 |  Time bean by griffsnuffX 00|
  Money bean by griffsnuff X 00 |  Peanut by griffsnuffX 29| Peanut Money bean by griffsnuff X 02

Body dye potion by griffsnuffx01 |  Hair dye potion by griffsnuffx01 | 


Time beans: --
Watering counter: --
Tree status:  --
Tree art count: --


Soul Mate: 

235 - PB + Jellyfish Sandwich by TheKingdomOfGriffia #95 Bagbean - Echidna DTA #3 - UNACTIVE by griffsnuff 259 - A Witches Potion by TheKingdomOfGriffia 028 - Vampire Bat by TheKingdomOfGriffia #314 Charity Event Bagbean w/c - Snowmanbean by griffsnuff #311 Bagbean - Corgi by griffsnuff Alwin by ll-Coffee-ll 323 - Pygmy Rattlesnake by TheKingdomOfGriffia #209 Geo bagbean - Rainbow moonstone by griffsnuff #316 Charity Nomnom Bagbean w/c - Mulled Wine by griffsnuff #382 - Nomnom - Dragon fruit by griffsnuff

Allies: None
Companions: None
Magic Familiar: None


Identity trial: Margot's Identity Trial
Builder trial: 
Discovery trial: 
Lesser Magic trial: 
Advanced magic trial: 
Occupation trial: 
Market trial: 
Lovebean hatching trial: 
Soulmate trial: 
Allies trial: 


Chakra training: 
Skill training: 
Weapon training: 
Mag point training: 
Elemental training: 


Smelting class: 
Bottle making class: 
Potion making class: 
Egg hatching class: 
Cooking class: 
Herbalism class: 
Magic jewling class: 


let this one remain by TheHumanHeart will I float away? can I just hold on? [PROMPT] by TheHumanHeart Margot Sketchpage by TheHumanHeart Winter Resolution [JAN. 2017 PROMPT] by TheHumanHeart Margot's Identity Trial by TheHumanHeart

by ipun by TheHumanHeart Calliope and Margot by Lei-Leiurus Icon for TheHumanHeart by TheCrazyCatCow It Looks Cute On Ya by aestheticbeans Bagbeans Random Gift Twelfth Day by SonGoku-Monkey Sing it Loud by Seffiron Commission: Margot by NeedlePuss violet [1/2] by honey-fig Excuse me by LioSKETCH tapes from LA slash san francisco by PillowRabbit more hoomans by PillowRabbit These beans have style by SinfulHare Bagbeans - Margot Tile by LioSKETCH Bagbean owed Art by Moris101 COM- YCH for thehumanheart by FluffleBear January Bean Fashion #4 by LunarGravity Presents? by LunarGravity

The Slug, The Witch, And the JellyfishThe two beans trekked through the dark swamp, their only protection from the watery sludge was an old deck. Calliope glanced up. Any sunlight was blocked by the thick foliage as they travelled deeper. The tan bean didn't know where she was going but all she knew was that they were hear to meet someone important.
"Now listen Calliope, she doesn't like her space touched. Don't touch anything. It'll be hard to do since it'll be messy. Stand straight and be direct and be honestly. She is practically a mind reader-" As Margot started to list off things about this mysterious bean, the Jellyfish gulped quickly. This bean seemed quite foreboding.
Finally the two reached an old home built around a large, hollow tree trunk. Before she could take a step forward, Margot held out her arm, stopping her.
"Before we go in, Calliope, I have to tell you one last thing. Belladonna is a witch." Witch. The word rang out like a bell in silence. She knew that they were here cause Margot needed something from
   Biggest FanThe purple bean glanced around his farm. Tending to his fields was hard work, but it was rewarding. Farming was a huge part of his life. He didn't need a life of luxurious, which was evident by his small and humble home that sat in the middle of the small, rocky property. Faba was a rocky hill in between a mountain range and a large hole that held Faba's water supply. Despite its difficult terrain, it made Wallace even prouder to call himself a farmer.
His crops were his prized possessions. His land was fertile enough to produce juicy carrots, thick potatoes, large corn, and so on. He even grew fruits, which was an task not even the most seasoned farmer in Faba could accomplish. As perfect as his farm was, there was almost a few animals or even beans that dared to approach his farm and try to take his crops.
Today was like any other day. In the morning he fetched water, watered the crops, and harvested whatever he could for winter. The mountains provided a temperate climate, blocking t
   Beauty and PainThe orangish sky compliment the red from the rose garden that seemed to stretch for arches upon the garden. In the middle of that garden stood a lone bean. He didn't mind the thorns scrapping against his legs, taking in the sweet pain as he went through to tend to each flower personally. There was beauty in something so insignificant. It was hard for others to see through their pride or simple-minded thoughts to see the powerful imagery behind something so small, but he saw through that illusion. Despite this gift, it was also a curse. If he had been blind to such simple beauties, he wouldn't have thorns cover his body as punishment.
Grimsley could never touch another bean without hurting them. That is his pain. His fear. As the thoughts crept into his mind, the male pushed them back as he continued to tend his garden. He knew everything about this colorful space. What some saw a moderately sized garden, Grimsley saw another world. A world filled with mystery, pain, beauty, and love fr
  The Bad, Not Horrible, DayMy dreams are always the same. The snow was cold, the skies were grey, and I am able to tame every creature. I can hear the cheers from other beans as I rounded up anything wild that rampaged into town, being a savior. Of course, on top of all of that, was Telo's kiss on my cheek. It felt so real. So moist. Moist?
I snapped awake, my hand touching my cheek. It was wet. Normally, I woke up before the sun would even rise to start my day, but my room was filled with sunlight and-
I looked up. The ceiling was leaking. The snow was melting and the ceiling was leaking. Awesome. Great way to start the day. With a frustrated sigh, I quickly get out of bed. I had to clear the roof or else I was going to be sleeping on a wet bed.
My bed is the least of my problems. This morning was terrible. I slipped off the roof, twice, and while it was hot enough to make me sweat through my coat, it was still cold enough to make the water from the melting snow free onto the roof.
"Well...this is just pe
The Night OutThis winter, the cold wasn’t enough to stop the holiday greeter. Every year Holly would travel all across Griffa around the Yule season to remind beans about the most wonderful time of the year…if you were a good bean that was. During her travels, she met so many wonderful beans. And despite sometimes her journey would have fleeting friendships, some beans that stuck out was a songstress, a mute celestial, and the newest addition, a young bean with a jump in his step.
Chii was the bean’s name. He was young but he still towered over the green-haired female by a good head or so. The snow in Peagarden wasn’t enough to stop her from taking a detour to the bean’s home. Just as she expected, Holly found him outside playing in the snow. How cute.
“Chii!” The floral bean had a big grin as she leaned into the multi-colored male, not even allowing him to speak. “How would you like to come with me to Lupinus? I have to make a few stops and I have so
Closing the CircleThe sound of shuffling there in the darkness woke her from her sleep.  The campfire from before had been long dead, now it was just Margot and Darsey there beneath the night sky.  Both of them had come to rest against the large stone hours ago but something had clearly woken up the blind bean.  His large walking stick was raking against the earth but in very precise movements.  Rikki-Tikki made small clicking sounds moving from one scratching to the other.
“So that represents Mercury… and this one is Sulfur.  The last piece is salt.”
His stick began to move once more, raking and scratching away the soil beneath.  He stepped away and stared ahead, his pale eyes wide with anticipation.
“Salt?” he asked.
The little Repea hissed before scampering to Darsey’s side.  Darsey threw his walking stick to the earth in frustration before kicking away at the marking.  He dropped to the ground, holding his head in frustratio
Desert RoseThe skies over Soy were clean, allowing the full moon to illuminate the sky, the earth, and the stage below. Beans of all ages and genders crowded around the stage, sitting on the bare, chilled earth with their tails wagging excitedly. Dust was swept up as the repea scurried into the blind alchemist's lap, causing the bean to chuckle. 
"Yes, Rikki-Tikki, I am just as impatient" he reassured softly before turning his head up towards the stage. 
Margot will be singing tonight, yes, but as a featured singer for a popular band called 'Killer Bean'. Sitting in the middle and somewhat up close allowed Darsey to be enveloped within the blood-pounding music of the rock group, but it was the voice from the sweet yet sad bean that he was waiting to hear. Once more the repea moved once more on his lap before a rattling sound filled the air around him.
"With due time, Rikki-Tikki" he said quietly. 
Behind the large stage the two singers prepared themselves, especi
Mistakes    The streets of Soy weren’t paved with cobblestone, gold, nor grass but rather clay.  Most everything within the city was built up from clay and red stone, the brickwork itself would’ve seemed bland and generic had the buildings themselves come in a nice array of shapes and various coats of paint to help each one stand out from its neighbor.  The beans that lived in Soy understood the value of everything that came into their possession.  Out here nothing was to be wasted for chances were it could not be replaced by anything better for miles.  The days were hot and the nights were cold and yet the people here adored their little oasis in the desert.  And even foreigners to the city would admit to themselves the evenings and mornings as the sun bid good morning and good night, the city was enchanting within the twilight desert hues.
    Out of the corner of her eye, the sandy-furred bagbean caught glimpse of
Looking Through Your Eyes    To some a month can stretch on for an eternity, but to two wounded souls that lick clean the scars of their mate a month can feel shorter than a week.  But to the damaged souls that were the fair Margot and the blind Darsey, two months of travel and rest flew by without a notice from either.  From the deserts of Soy and into the temperate village of Aduki leading up to the capital, the two beans made company of the other.  Of course word began to spread of Margot’s follower, though that hadn’t been too surprising as most everyone had heard of Margot but no one was familiar with Darsey.
    Whenever money had become an issue, Darsey managed to make trade with the local markets thanks to all the dried roots and herbal flowers he had collected along the southwestern lands of Griffia.  Of course this never stopped Margot from announcing a few private concerts of her own.  Every performance was packed, beans fr

Aeron Tile: GQuin gift by TheHumanHeart nobody sees, nobody knows by TheHumanHeartGrimsley: GQuin Gift [BB Event] by TheHumanHeart Aeron BB sketch by TheHumanHeart Grimsley Sketchpage by TheHumanHeartRyuujinn n Harleen: Gquin bagbean pixel commission by TheHumanHeart

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