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Name:  Calliope
Nickname/s: Cal, Calli
Owner: TheHumanHeart
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 50cm
Species: Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Sandwich
Type: Celestial
Bag type: Bag
Mutations: None

LVL: 2
Magic path: --
Weapon of choice: --

City of origin: Peagardens [currently lives in Lupinus]
Political status: Commoner

Personality: Due to being mute, she is very shy and somewhat awkward due to her personal interests. She is extremely passionate in her work and her social relationships with other beans despite her inability to speak.

Creation information: Original custom
Desginer: @/griffsnuff 
Former owners:  


HP: 10
ST: 8
Attack: Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff
Speed: Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff
Defense: Pixel bean Blue by griffsnuff 






0 Peas = Peasant
100 Peas = Commoner
300 Peas = Baron
500 Peas = Duke/dutchess
1000+ Peas = Royal


Event bean by griffsnuff X 02 | Tamer bean by griffsnuff X 00| Treasure bean by griffsnuffX 00|
Prompt bean by griffsnuff X 03 |  Time bean by griffsnuffX 00|
  Money bean by griffsnuff X 00 |  Peanut by griffsnuffX 29| Peanut Money bean by griffsnuff X 02

Hair dye potion by griffsnuffx02 |  Body dye potion by griffsnuffx01
Solar chakra bead by griffsnuffx1 | 


Time beans: --
Watering counter: --
Tree status:  --
Tree art count: --


Soul Mate: 


Friends:  321 - Perfalepard by TheKingdomOfGriffia 334 - European Holly by TheKingdomOfGriffia 259 - A Witches Potion by TheKingdomOfGriffia 198 - Poesie Rose by TheKingdomOfGriffia 162 - Jorunna Parva by TheKingdomOfGriffia 041 - Lionfish by TheKingdomOfGriffia 028 - Vampire Bat by TheKingdomOfGriffia #382 - Nomnom - Dragon fruit by griffsnuff #209 Geo bagbean - Rainbow moonstone by griffsnuff 383 - Banded Seakron by TheKingdomOfGriffia

Allies: None
Companions: None
Magic Familiar: None


Identity trial: Calliope's Identity Trial [BB]
Builder trial: 
Discovery trial: 
Lesser Magic trial: 
Advanced magic trial: 
Occupation trial: Calliope's Occupation Trial
Market trial: 
Lovebean hatching trial: 
Soulmate trial: 
Allies trial: 


Chakra training: Evening Swim [Calliope: Solar Chakra Training]
Skill training: 
Weapon training: 
Mag point training: 
Elemental training: 


Smelting class: 
Bottle making class: 
Potion making class: 
Egg hatching class: 
Cooking class: 
Herbalism class: 
Magic jewling class: 



baby, now i got the flo' by TheHumanHeart but the silence surrounds you by TheHumanHeart Calliope's Identity Trial [BB] by TheHumanHeart Calliope's Occupation Trial by TheHumanHeart

Calliope and Margot by Lei-Leiurus Glowy mountains by Tesla-Stargrazer BB Gift: Calliope for TheHumanHeart by Ryu-Oni Snuggly Aquatics by Seffiron Commission: Calliope by NeedlePuss peanut butter jelly-(fish) [2/2] by honey-fig COM- YCH for thehumanheart by FluffleBear Bagbean owed Art by Moris101 Calliope 2d live model commission finished Bagbean by FrigidPhantasm (YBH) Fisher Bean by Fluffyspace Misty and Calliope by Geo-Dragon

The Slug, The Witch, And the JellyfishThe two beans trekked through the dark swamp, their only protection from the watery sludge was an old deck. Calliope glanced up. Any sunlight was blocked by the thick foliage as they travelled deeper. The tan bean didn't know where she was going but all she knew was that they were hear to meet someone important.
"Now listen Calliope, she doesn't like her space touched. Don't touch anything. It'll be hard to do since it'll be messy. Stand straight and be direct and be honestly. She is practically a mind reader-" As Margot started to list off things about this mysterious bean, the Jellyfish gulped quickly. This bean seemed quite foreboding.
Finally the two reached an old home built around a large, hollow tree trunk. Before she could take a step forward, Margot held out her arm, stopping her.
"Before we go in, Calliope, I have to tell you one last thing. Belladonna is a witch." Witch. The word rang out like a bell in silence. She knew that they were here cause Margot needed something from
SignBlue. It was Calliope's favorite color. Ever since she came to live in Lupinus she found a few friends, but her closest confidant was her roommate, Cornflake. His home provided everything for her and her aqua-farming invention, but the best thing was the giant fish tank that was tall as the wall. Everyday after collecting seeds, fish, and other things both herself and her friend needed; she would sit in front of the tank for hours. Her eyes were concentrated on the small fish and sea horses that drifted in the soft current in between the rows of rescued coral and living plants. Calliope smiled as she watched her own additional to his tank came into view. The purplish jellyfish floated effortlessly, minding its business as two seahorse linked their tails together. It was beautiful. It was odd how something so simple made her feel so-
The purple-haired bean laid down in front of the tank, a blissful sigh escaping her lips. Peace. She was at peace. She was happy. She had friends. She had
A FavorThe village of Fabu was strange to Calliope. The large mountains to the easter casted a large shadow over the land and yet life was still present and preserved in this far away land.As much as Calliope wanted to venture in the giant, water-filled hole to the west to see what kind of life lurked below, a suggestion from a friend sent her here.
Despite how small it was, the main street was bustling with vendors and villagers alike. It was crowded, causing the smaller, purple-haired bean to push her way through. Calliope knew why she was here. She needed some seeds for her farming experiment, but due to the winter season seeds were coveted by farmers. When all hope was loss, Margot was the one who gave her a name that would have what she needed to return a favor: Wallace.
Margot didn't say too much about this Wallace. All she saw was that he was a passionate farmer who loved her music. He had a bit of an attitude, but super sweet deep down.  The last thing she mentioned was that he h

The Night OutThis winter, the cold wasn’t enough to stop the holiday greeter. Every year Holly would travel all across Griffa around the Yule season to remind beans about the most wonderful time of the year…if you were a good bean that was. During her travels, she met so many wonderful beans. And despite sometimes her journey would have fleeting friendships, some beans that stuck out was a songstress, a mute celestial, and the newest addition, a young bean with a jump in his step.
Chii was the bean’s name. He was young but he still towered over the green-haired female by a good head or so. The snow in Peagarden wasn’t enough to stop her from taking a detour to the bean’s home. Just as she expected, Holly found him outside playing in the snow. How cute.
“Chii!” The floral bean had a big grin as she leaned into the multi-colored male, not even allowing him to speak. “How would you like to come with me to Lupinus? I have to make a few stops and I have so
Calliope's Identity Trial Story            New Beginnings

    The tan-colored sprout was hard at work. Her dark eyes were concentrated on the needle as it went through the outer edge of the bucket shaped sac. It was almost complete.
    "Calliope? Oh Calliope-" The door to the small room was opened before the older Bean looked down at her. Despite how close they were, the distance between them seemed to stretch for miles. She was mute and it was barrier between spoken and unspoken that had set the two apart.
    "Are you excited for your first trial?" the caregiver questioned. The small bean looked down at her sac before slowly nodding her head. 
    "Well...I made your favorite just in case you get hungry" her smile was weak as she placed the small parcel down, the label "PBJ" sticking up in the air. Calliope only gave a weak smile until the silence became too heavy, causing the caregiver to take a slow
ColdAchoo! Instead of a cute, high pitched sound, all there was the sound of rushing air and a sniffle. At first the male didn’t think anything of it, but he soon learned that the little mute Celestial was sick with a cold. As much as he would of liked to get her medicine, the snow was blocking the door and wind was so strong Cornflake believed it would blow him away.
The small female was placed in the next room, away from the giant tank that she loved to sit next to and close to the lit fireplace. The warmth from the hearth should help, but the male was filled with a sense of duty as a new purpose swept over him. He had to take care of Calliope. Their relationship was new and innocent, but love swelled from the colorful bean’s body. He would do anything for it, especially now when she needed him the most.
Her small body was curled within the indent of his old armchair. A quilt was tucked around her body, keeping her snug. Her bulbous snout shook before her body shook fr


Aeron Tile: GQuin gift by TheHumanHeart nobody sees, nobody knows by TheHumanHeartGrimsley: GQuin Gift [BB Event] by TheHumanHeart Aeron BB sketch by TheHumanHeart Grimsley Sketchpage by TheHumanHeartRyuujinn n Harleen: Gquin bagbean pixel commission by TheHumanHeart

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